-do not pick or scratch tattoo while healing 

-no sun exposure 

-no swimming or long term submersion of tattoo for at least 10 days or until healed


-remove bandage after 2 hours 

-wash tattoo by hand with mild soap and water 2-3 times daily

-let dry briefly and apply a thin coat of mild skin lotion 

​​Other than the nighttime wrapping, method 2 is basically the same as method 1... 


-(starting the day of tattoo application) right before bed wash your tattoo and the area surrounding that will be covered by plastic wrap and let dry briefly, then apply a coat of Bactine spray. (a pump spay bottle that can be found at generally any pharmacy)

​-after spraying, wrap or cover the tattoo with clear plastic wrap using a couple pieces of tape to keep it in place ( this nighttime wrapping method should be repeated for the first 3-5 nights)

-First thing in the morning remove plastic wrap and wash tattoo by hand with mild soap and water (some pigment will be present in the washing process, don't worry that is normal, you are not washing your tattoo away!)

-let dry briefly and apply a thin coat of mild skin lotion and leave uncovered by plastic wrap during the day

-after the 3-5 nights switch to method 1.

  Method 2 can make for very thin flaky scabs that are easier to heal...  Method 2 wrapping process is not recommended with any product other than Bactine.   Once again any questions please contact your artist.

While every tattoo artists has his or her own specific aftercare instructions, and every individuals skin heals differently.  These methods below have proven best for my customers over the years.  Ranging from least involved to most.  Any questions please contact your artist.

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