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A thin, clear dressing that keeps out water, dirt and germs, yet lets the skin breathe. It is designed to be applied directly over your tattoo and surrounding skin. 

•Wait 12-24 hours from time of tattoo completion to apply the Tegaderm dressing
•Wash your hands. 
•Clean and dry tattoo and surrounding skin thoroughly. 
•Use alcohol wipe on surrounding skin to help ensure the skin around tattoo is free of soap residue, oil, or lotion.  
•Allow time to dry completely before applying your dressing.  
•Peel away the printed liner from the paper-framed dressing, exposing the adhesive surface.
•Apply dressing, centered over your tattoo.  
•Do not stretch the dressing when applying.  
•Remove the paper frame from the 
dressing while smoothing down the edges.   

Once applied, the Tegaderm dressing will act similar to a blister. Holding some fluid underneath. This fluid might seem “muddy” and contain some pigment from the tattoo, masking your view of the actual tattoo. This is normal.  As long as a proper seal is maintained and the fluid is not constantly leaking out from under the dressing or letting water in when you shower, leave Tegaderm dressing on for up to three days.

• Grasp one edge or corner of the Tegaderm Dressing. 
• Gently lift edge. 
• With other hand, place  fingers on top of dressing to support skin.
• Gently stretch the Tegaderm Dressing straight out and parallel to skin. This will help to disrupt the adhesive.  As Tegaderm Dressing is loosened, continue to stretch and relax the dressing and “walk” your fingers under the dressing to continue stretching it. While removing use one hand to continually supports the skin adhered to the dressing. Remember to stretch the dressing straight out, “low and slow,” in direction of hair growth. rather than pulling it up from the skin.

Continue with Basic Aftercare

•Wash tattoo with mild fragrance free soap and warm water. 
•Let the tattoo dry briefly.  
•Gently apply a thin layer of mild fragrance free skin lotion in such a manner that it will absorb into the skin. 
•Continue to gently wash and lotion the tattoo twice a day until healed. Generally best times for this are in the morning and before bed. 


Examples of Dans work can be found on Dans instagram and Facebook.  Links provided above^

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While every tattoo artists has their own specific aftercare methods, this will cover the basic healing instructions and the other methods that have proven to work well for the tattoos that I apply.

FOR THE NEXT 10-14 DAYS AVOID THE FOLLOWING – Direct exposure to sun, swimming or soaking, picking and scratching, wearing jewelry over, applying bandages after the original dressing has been removed, and/or any other aftercare advice that was not given by your tattoo artist.

-Remove the bandage 1-24 hours after initial application (as directed by your tattoo artist) and immediately wash with mild soap and warm water.
-Pat dry with a clean towel or washcloth
-Gently rub on mild fragrance free skin lotion.  Avoiding excessive lotion, especially when scabs might be lifting.
-Continue to wash and lotion 2-3 times daily.   
Average healing time ranges from 1-2 weeks, but may take as long as 3-4 weeks.  Applying a high level SPF (40+) to your healed tattoo will help to maintain your investments quality and longevity.


​​Other than the nighttime wrapping, the Bactine method is pretty much the same as Basic Aftercare

"Bactine Method"

-(starting the day of tattoo application) right before bed wash your tattoo and the area surrounding that will be covered by plastic wrap and let dry briefly, then apply a coat of Bactine spray. (a pump spay bottle that can be found at generally any pharmacy)

​-after spraying, wrap or cover the tattoo with clear plastic wrap using a couple pieces of tape to keep it in place ( this nighttime wrapping method should be repeated for the first 3-5 nights)

-First thing in the morning remove plastic wrap and wash tattoo by hand with mild soap and water (some pigment will be present in the washing process, don't worry that is normal, you are not washing your tattoo away!)

-let dry briefly and apply a thin coat of mild skin lotion and leave uncovered by plastic wrap during the day

-after the 3-5 nights switch to method 1.


Bactine Method can make for very thin flaky scabs that are easier to heal...  The Bactine Method wrapping process is not recommended with any product other than Bactine.   Once again, any questions please contact your artist.